Building for the future

Benefits of science

The economy

Receiving a good level of science-related education will enable people to contribute effectively to a stronger economy and workforce and make people conscious of their surroundings and the wider global environment. Research has consistently shown that people with a strong educational background are more likely to contribute to a reliable workforce, which in turn benefits both society and the global economy.

Global issues

Scientific education means people are more likely to understand the impact of global warming, which is an increasingly important issue; with the necessary knowledge they are them able to act in a way that will benefit the global strategy to combat global warming and damage to the environment. Educated people may also help to raise awareness of modern global issues and encourage others to act in a responsible and compassionate manner.

Continued developments

Having a high proportion of people who have received formal scientific education in society will also increase the possibility of continued support for valuable research projects in the future.


An understanding of science has been closely linked to the choice to live a healthy lifestyle; this may include choosing to eat certain foods or choosing not to smoke, for example. Healthy people are instrumental for a healthy economy and an acceptable level of productivity. Cosmetic surgery is something that is also likely to see great innovation in terms of treatment like breast implants and laser hair removal, due to the way celebrity status and aesthetic looks are becoming so centre stage in recent times.