Science and technology and health

The impact of science and technology on health care has undoubtedly been considerable.


Scientific research has already helped to improve treatment for numerous illnesses and serious health conditions.

Trials for medications and methods of treatment have improved the care of many patients and helped to make their recovery less distressing and painful.

Research enables health care professionals to gain all the necessary information to make well-informed decisions with regard to which methods or treatments to use; this not only implies effective treatment but also improves the efficiency of patient care, as well as saving a huge amount of money.

Scientific research has saved millions of lives and continued research will almost certainly save many more in the future.


Technology is constantly evolving and is particularly important in the health care setting.

Technology enables physicians to provide optimum care and allows patients the best possible aids for recovery, whether they are down to get a cancer treatment of even a vasectomy reversal.

Examples of medical technology range from machines such as CT scanners to instruments used in complex surgical procedures and the development of prosthetic limbs.

Technology has undoubtedly saved millions of lives and benefitted several areas of patient care; this looks set to continue in the future.