Science and advances in dentistry

Dentistry has undoubtedly come on leaps and bounds in recent times; technology has been used to develop new products, treatments and medications and dentists are now more highly trained than ever before.

Nowadays, dental treatments are more effective than ever before and almost every dental problem has a range of different treatment options.

Cosmetic dentistry is perhaps the most obvious indicator of the advances in dental treatments, with modern dentists able to use treatments that produce a complete transformation to a person’s teeth.

In just a few, short appointments a patient can have a completely different set of teeth, which will dramatically change the way they look and feel about themselves.

Examples of innovative cosmetic treatments are plentiful, ranging from orthodontic treatments that straighten teeth in less than 6 months, such as the Inman aligner and the 6 month smile system, to treatments that enhance the overall appearance of the teeth, such as Lumineers and veneers and dental implants.

Advances in dentistry and dental research have also allowed the consumer to choose from a vast range of dental hygiene products, ranging from electric toothbrushes to pioneering foaming gel toothpastes; we now have more choice than ever and can buy products that do everything, from whitening the teeth to restoring the strength of the enamel surfaces of the teeth.

Many people suffer from anxiety when they go to the dentist but advances in technology have offered nervous patients a number of ways to try and feel more relaxed when going to the dentist; new measures include using methods of sedation, replacing the dreaded dentist’s drill with non-invasive methods and offering patients distraction techniques including watching DVDs and listening to music.